Who we are


You’re warmly welcome to the official website of Everlasting Hope Uganda! Can you hear the sound of the nations calling? Can you hear the cry of the hurting and the lost? Do you hear the voice of one calling “who shall go for us?”

The Lord has touched us to touch others, changed us to change others, fed us to feed others, sheltered us to shelter others, saved us to save others, given us work beyond working for a living, but for a giving.

The lost and hurting world is waiting. Now is the time to reach out for the Lord’s Outcry. Let’s partner in the great commission, to touch, give hope, change and impact lives towards the values of Christ Jesus.

Enjoy your visit and look forward to hear from you!


We are a multi-faceted, cutting edge, mission organization solely envisioned to share the love & hope of Christ to the lost and hurting world, with a holistic approach. We are a faith-based charity; our outreach is to all, regardless of social class, color, race, caste and creed.


We are a fully registered Non-Government Organization (Reg. No.: 204528).). We work in partnership with individuals, denominations and churches, organizations, companies and ventures that have similar and/or interested in like-objectives and causes.


Everlasting Hope was founded in 2010 by Wamala Emmanuel. He was later joined by My wife Shilla Wamala and other passionate individuals with various gifting, calling, skills and professions.

With this well trained team that caught the vision, led to the evident impact of multitudes of lives and communities in Uganda,East Africa.



Our membership comprise of individuals, volunteers and missionaries from various backgrounds. Most of our members are from Uganda.

Our membership is open to all, regardless of color, race, caste and creed.

We also have a lot of young energetic elites and professionals sold out to execute their God given abilities, talents and attained skills to serve people and communities.


  • To make Christ known through evangelization programs such as Mass Evangelism, Campus Harvest, Prisons, Hospitals, Street  Militia, Media, among others.
  • To give and restore hope to the hopeless, needy, disadvantaged kids in rural areas of Uganda.
  • To touch and positively transform lives in communities through compassionate services, relief efforts, humanitarian projects, development initiatives and poverty eradication programs. And to establish mission centers with homes for the elderly, orphaned and build education centers, medical centers, youth centers, edutainment facilities and other projects that may be of benefit to the society.
  • To conduct Leadership Training and Capacity Building to leaders in communities. This includes empowering the body of Christ through building and training mission teams, discipleship, revival and revolution movements, among others.
  • To co-work with organizations and ventures, churches and ministries, and individuals on joint events such as may be in God’s interest, positively impact and change lives of people; provide aid to the public. Support church growth; through providing labor support, resources, evangelism material, among others.
  • To organize such events, activities, establishments and set up developmental initiatives such as may be of benefit to the society and yet not contrary to biblical principles.