Water Project

1st Spring well done 2018 in Kalungu to provide enough safe water to 100 families who were suffering with dirty water problem.

SAFE WATER / Kalungu  District

Safe Water

The link between access to safe water and the overall health of the people of Kalungu  district quickly became clear as Everlasting hope Uganda began its work.

Access to water at all, let alone safe water, is greatly lacking in many villages; the water sources that exist are often severely contaminated, making cyclical bouts of severe illness and premature death a part of everyday life.
In Uganda, 17% of deaths in children under the age of five are simply due to diarrhea. For these reasons, we give safe water a top priority.

In the search for solutions to this problem, EHU has adopted Three phase approach to safe water provision:

Safe water sources: Community Constructed Spring Wells – built by communities working together.

Safe water storage: Sensitizations on the safe water chain.