About Refugees


There are 1.4 million refugees in Uganda, of whom more than 1 million have entered the country in the past 18 months. More continue to arrive from the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

In 2016 I visited one of the  biggest refugee camps in Uganda found in Adjumani district but I realised there that the refugees have been homes,food, water,clothes & medical treatment by different international organisations but yet these people have remembered hopeless due too lack of spiritual help given to them. Yet these are people with tough backgrounds of the civil wars which lead to death of their children, parents & relatives.
These people are living with  painful memories & stories of seeing their relatives died  & loosing all they had & these as caused them to kill other in camps & do suicide.

So after coming Muyage gospel mission in May 2018, I heard God commissioning me  to reach out the refugees in Uganda who are hopeless with the hope & love of Jesus christ through doing :

#Hope missions

#Harvest crusades

# Hope Again conferences

#Planting Hope churches

#Donating bibles.

All these people they need is hope & love of Jesus christ

Next Steps...

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